My Life in Real Estate

I’ve worked in and around real estate for years. I have a background in Lending and Title Insurance, as well as working in a real estate office. I am a Licensed Real Estate Agent but I prefer working as an Agent Assistant. From time to time I will step in to show homes or host an open house but my real interest lies in the marketing and agent support process of my industry.

I hold open houses, Broker’s opens and I am for hire as an architectural photographer.

Specialties: Customer Service, Online Property Marketing, Online Personality Marketing, Photoshop, Dreamweaver/Contribute, Architectural Photography, Graphic Design and I make a great Salsa.

It’s all very interesting being in the background, working so hard to keep the people I work for consistently in the foreground of the consumer.

I am still a problem solver, a shoulder to cry on, a lighting rod, a cheer leader, a disciplinarian and a pain in the ass. With everything I can accomplish – sometimes people still want to strangle me. I totally get it and honestly if they only knew how many times I want to strangle THEM… well, they probably do since I’m not exactly a quiet person.

But, I will always be there for them and we will succeed in this crazy business together. I am The Real (Estate) Girl Friday.

2 thoughts on “My Life in Real Estate

  1. Pattie, I just stumbled upon your blog and had to read every word of every post!!! really SMART and FUNNY and realyYOU!!! you have multiple talents.

    Marilyn Allen

  2. Hi there. My name is Shawn Devine. I am a communications coordinator for Kitsap County Elections. I am working on the Local Voters’ Pamphlet which we distribute to 50,000 households for the August Primary and 111,000 for the November General Election. I would like to request permission to use a photo from your blog of the Winslow Wharf Marina. I would be happy to include a photo credit. Please feel free to contact me. Thank you, Shawn Devine, 360-377-7280,

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