The “B” word


About 10 years ago I sat in a sales meeting of a fairly large & successful real estate company and talked about the idea of Branding.  After I was finished, they all stared at me as if I had just belched the National Anthem.  Living and working in a small town, the idea of a cohesive corporate front was not what they wanted to hear.  In fact, they were offended by it.  I don’t work there anymore but I have watched their Genesis into the practice of branding take a very strong hold of their marketing and they are still the Big Dog in town. 

Here’s the irony of it all for me – I have come to LOATHE the term “Branding” like I hate “Political Correctness”.  However, since I make my living practicing the same principles I have to live with it. 

So, why do I hate it?  I don’t really hate it – I just hate the way the term is used by some: as a way to justify a fear of change. It’s really become the new way of saying “But… we’ve always done it this way and it has always worked for us.” When in reality, it used to work and no longer does – but holy crap we can’t change it!  Why doesn’t this woman understand that it used to work for crying out loud?!?!?  It’s like trying to reason with my Mother about why I don’t like to wear brightly coloured clothing.  She will never understand because she loves wearing hot pink and mint green.  She got complimented once (1984) and now she won’t stop.

So how do you deal with people who cannot and will not move their cheese – even if faced with a loaded gun called the power of truth and reason?  I don’t know but if you figure it out, let me know.  

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