Sometimes I get a little burnt out…

I need some inspiration in my photography, lately.  I’m not sure what is going on – but I feel like I’ve lost some talent, somehow.  Or maybe just some energy… I’m not sure.


Recently I photographed this amazing house.  I’ve never seen it before and I know it is going to be a huge hit on the market.  Yet, I had no fun editing the photos, because I was doubting myself the whole time.


So, what do YOU do when you need to re-charge your batteries and there is not ime and/or money for a vacation?

Let me know – I’m all ears!

3 thoughts on “Sometimes I get a little burnt out…

  1. Dear Real Estate Girl,
    Don’t Doubt yourself…you are an amazing person. Just keep taking those pictures they are wonderful.!


  2. Take a day off! Mental health days are underrated and should be encouraged. Inspiration? Go to the art museum or bookstore. Or perhaps drinks with a friend?

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