REALLY bad real estate advertisements

Ok, so I know I still need to post pics of my new Kitchen, but hey… i’m basically a very lazy person and I just don;t feel like cleaning and photographing my own Kitchen at night.

Anyway, here are a few real estate advertising gems I’ve found for your entertainment:


Mr. Richard Wanket, yes his real name, certainly knows how to make a sexual innuendo. He ran this vulgar ad in The Onion in July 2010, which quickly went viral online. He says he received hundreds of calls and emails from it – though none were actually to buy or sell a home. His employer, however, didn’t find it so humorous. Calls and emails to Mr. Wanket were not returned and an Edina Realty spokesperson said the ad didn’t adhere to their guidelines and he’s no longer with the company. SHOCKER.


To attempt to sell this mansion in Woodland Hills, CA for $6.5 million, this broker filmed a tour of the home and included two busty models lounging around in various rooms: playing billiards in the game room, giggling on the bed, entering the shower.



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