Twas The Night Before Counters…

Tomorrow our new counters will be installed!  This is great news, since the appliances are out and the new ones can’t go in until after the counters go in!  Well… except the new fridge.  We just couldn’t wait! I mean… check this thing out!

Hello Lover...

So, anyway… when I got home tonight Brent informed me that we need to remove the counters and the sink to get ready for tomorrow morning.  Of course, I panicked internally and said he never told me that.  He said yes, he did, and he probably did but I blocked it out of my head.  For some reason Home Improvement projects just FREAK ME OUT.

So, here’s what my Kitchen looks like tonight.  Kind of a far cry from the photos the other day:

No counters... no backsplash... no sink...

Here’s a shot looking the other way – with my new Stove, Microwave, Dishwasher – just sitting in the Family room waiting for me!

Hello Chaos...

 I am excited about tomorrow and a little nervous, as well.
I still need to go to Lowe’s and buy a new Kitchen Faucet before they get here tomorrow morning.  I haven;t been able to choose one yet, so now they are going to have to cut thru the slab here at our house – just to be able to accommodate my choice.  Did I mention the fact that I get so scared doing this stuff, I sort of freeze up?  Ugh.

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