Self-imposed Real Estate Torture

So, recently Brent and I decided that perhaps we should start looking for a new dishwasher.  Our current dishwasher is loud as f@&# and I swear people in Anchorage can probably hear it running.  Shopping in a Big Box home improvement store for appliances is really tricky, because the next thing you know… you start seeing all the new details they have added to modern appliances since the last time you shopped for them.  We bought ours 8 years ago when we built our house.  Yeah… things have changed.

So, the next thing I know Brent decides he is sick of our Formica counters.  Ok.  I have been proudly defending and downright bragging about having Formica counters in a Granite world forEVER.  It’s kind of been my street cred, you know?  Anyway, after lots of discussion, I finally agreed to granite counters because otherwise I thought he might go for the all-one-piece poured into place stuff.  The Corian stuff?  Yeah… it creeps me out.

Then, we decide to go look for a new dishwasher at a professional dealer of appliances.  We only buy TV’s and iPods at Best Buy, kids.  Just as we pull into the parking lot, we start discussing style, price, etc.  I say to Brent, “I’m not going to cheap out on this dishwasher.  Jeffrey always goes full-tilt boogie when he buys stuff – in order to insure he gets exactly what he wants and can enjoy it for a longer period of time.”  I had NO IDEA how far this statement would go with Brent!

Next thing I know I am getting the fridge of my DREAMS, a new stove with gas cooktop and convection oven, the quietest dishwasher MADE and a new microwave.  SCHWING!!!  All with a contractor’s deep discount – thanks to my friend Jerry Reese.  😀

Tomorrow they are delivering the new appliances and Tuesday they are being installed.  Then the new counters come on Saturday!

Brent has begun  tearing apart the Kitchen, in order to get it ready.  Here’s what my Kitchen looked like a few hours ago:

Stay tuned for photos of the demolition!

2 thoughts on “Self-imposed Real Estate Torture

  1. YOU GO GIRL..can’t wait to see the finished kitchen. NO buyer’s remorse?

    Marilyn Allen

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