Autumn on Bainbridge

Monday morning was a rough one for me but the afternoon sun was so beautiful, I decided to spend an hour taking photos around Bainbridge and just appreciating the beauty of the Fall colors and the juxtaposition of the blue skies that we so rarely see this time of year.

Winslow Wharf Marina on Eagle Harbor

The rock sculptures are courtesy of, Ethan Currier.  He has *A*M*A*Z*I*N*G* examples of more of his rock sculptures and other art forms he works with on his website at

Rock sculptures by Ethan Currier

Winslow Wharf Marina

Winslow Wharf Marina

On a hunch, I decided to head down to South Beach and see Mount Rainier was visible.  She was out but slightly shy with a draping of clouds like a silk scarf. 

I know I didn’t capture it as well as I could have with a better lens, but here it is anyway:

View of Mount Rainier, from South Beach Drive, Bainbridge Island

 I also stopped by one of Dennis’ listings and decided to update some photos inside of the house.  The light outside was so pretty, I did capture this one shot of the view from the yeard, as well.

10705 NE Halls Hill Road NE

If you want to check out all of the new photos for this incredible home, go to and search the exclusive listings. 😀


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