Yesterday I went back to a home I had photographed some time ago, in the Quilcene/Brinnon area.  The Seller wanted fresh new photos because the garden was looking beautiful and they had purchased new furniture.

While the Broker went through the home and lit up everything, I went outside to capture exteriors while the light was still good. First I took some shots from the Deck:

Then I decided to head down to the yard and get some shots of the house, the yard and the view from ground level.

And then I turned my attention to the yard and the view.

After taking these shots from the top of a landscaped berm, I decided to walk down the little set of stairs in the middle of the berm.  WHOOPS! – *B*O*O*M*! 

My feet slid out from underneath me, popped forward and I landed on my ass.  HARD.  Once I stopped panting and thinking I was going to barf… I saw my camera sitting next to me.  I had not put the strap over my head and it was in my hand when I went down.  I hit with my elbow first but the damage was done.  I tried a few photos… no dice.  My wide-angle lens got damaged.  It won’t focus now.

So far the bruise hasn’t shown up on my ass.  Lots of fat tissue to get thru to the surface, I guess.  LOL 

After icing my elbow all night, it is better.  Looks like this weekend I’ll be going to the city to see if my lens can be repaired.  Hopefully it’s an easy fix and I can get my Hubby to take me out to a nice dinner.  *pouty-face*

5 thoughts on “Ouch.

  1. The pictures are beautiful, I can almost relive the fall with you…hope you and the camera are okay..You are too good to stop what you do..

    Marilyn Alln

  2. Thanks Marilyn!

    It does seem as though everyone I know in real estate has their “Catastrophic Fall” story. The Broker I was with has a nasty scar on her wrist where she had to have major surgery after breaking it in a fall similar to mine. What saved my wrist, was the fact that I was holding my camera and my elbow went down instead. Unfortunately, then my camera went down, too.

    I’m grateful my elbow wasn’t seriously injured and I’m grateful for gallon-sized Ziploc bags and Ice-makers!

  3. I couldn’t tell the difference between the before & after the fall pictures- Do I need to get out of the office & give my eyes a break or what???

    They all look gorgeous! You’re a great photographer!

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