Wow, have I been busy…

I can’t believe how long it has been since my last post!  I have been swamped to the point, that I have begun editing photos in my sleep on a regular basis.  I might be in need of a real vacation sometime soon… 

Dennis has a new listing coming up on Rockaway Beach.  I went down to take some shots on Saturday.  I am always so astonished by the view Rockaway… it never gets old. 


This home is a Modern/Contemporary Beach House,  vibe that is really cool.  It needs a little love but man… just being there to take the photos was so relaxing.  The sound of the waves constantly splashing on the beach was really cool. 


Another new listing Dennis has is just up the hill from Rockaway on Bill Point Drive.  It’s another home that needs as little TLC but also has stunning views of Seattle, the Cascades and Puget Sound shipping lanes. 


10869 NE Bill Point Dr ~ MLS #63455

It’s architecture is also a Contemporary design but it’s more of a traditional home, rather than a beach house.  The Living Room has 2-story high ceilings and the effect is very dramatic. 

10869 Bill Point DR NE ~ MLS #63455


What’s nice about this home is that it also has a really beautiful yard and access to the Bill Point Community Swimming Pool. 

10869 NE Bill Point Dr ~ MLS# 63455

Here are some photos I’ve taken recently,  for other agents in my office.  Enjoy!

10188 NE Lafayette Ave ~ MLS#64618 ~ Carl Sussman, Listing Agent

14652 Sivertson Rd NE ~ MLS #52526 ~ Keith Hauschulz, Listing Agent


9025 Nisqually Wy NE ~ MLS#71414 ~ Ty Evans, Listing agent

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