And…. we are LIVE!

After lots of planning, photography, photo editing, re-editing, re-photographing, standing on our heads and saying Beetlejuice three times fast – we finally got the Manzanita listing live on MLS.

Here’s the front cover of the flyer:

This time I designed a folding brochure, rather than just a flyer.  I’m really excited about it and I can’t wait for them to arrive.  There were just so many beautiful photos that we had to expand the marketing materials to show it.

Family room


Next, I’ll design the Homebooks.  My new Digital Homebook has become very popular.  Instead of printing out everything and burning up REAMS of paper – I have put it all on a CD, I burn images on the face of the CD using LightScribe (because labels quickly peel off and gum up CD drives) and we give them out at Open Houses and Showings when people are really interested in the home.

So far we are the only ones doing this but I know of one other Assistant who is probably not too far behind me!

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