Well, hello 2010! Nice to see you!

The last week has been somewhat eventful.  February 1st marked the 4th anniversary of Dennis and I working together as a team!  We celebrated by going to lunch and talking about our future goals and dreams.  We want to find new ways to connect with people using the internet and blogging.  Our “Island Living” marketing direction is still looking good and people really seem to respond to it.

Yesterday, we attended the 2010 Windermere Kick-off.  It was held at Benaroya Hall in Downtown Seattle.  Dennis helped us find some kick-ass seats in the Balcony where we could really see all the action.  Three topics were highlighted: Branding, The Economy and Ninja Sales. 

I have harped on everyone at Windermere Bainbridge for years about Branding.  YEARS.  Honestly, I still don’t think they really care.  Our office is a true collection of rebellious individuals. Of course, you will always find this when you are dealing with Type AAA Personalities! 

Our Island Living marketing is our own individual branding.  Dennis and I decided at lunch the other day that we will continue to move in that direction in order to stand out from the crowd.  Of course, even though we have the Island Living branding going on for his listings, the Windermere branding is still very present, as well.  I use Windermere fonts, colors and logos almost exclusively. 

Flyer front for 177B Wallace Way


Flyer back for 177B Wallace Way


Today I’m off to take photos all the way in Jefferson County!  Val Schindler of the Quilcene branch of Windermere has hired me for photos before and I will be shooting two listings for her today.  

They are both waterfront homes, so I’m really hoping for some sun to show up for at least a little while.

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