TV’s, toilets, family photos and children’s bedrooms

There are two schools of thought about online photo galleries.

1. Cram as many on there as possible – including a close-up of that built-in bread box!

2. Create a good, in-depth gallery of at least 15 photos.  Provide continuity – without being redundant.  Only use the really good photos.

My own standard of practice falls in the latter group.  There are really only 3 photos that get homes noticed and on a Buyers’ “Must-see” list – Kitchen, Living and Front Exterior.  The rest they come to see in person – especially when the only photos on the gallery are really, really good. 

Photos of extra bedrooms and baths beyond the Master Suite are rarely exciting and kind of unneccessary.  Often, you’ll see over-ambitious agents posting what amounts to photos of toilets.  Does anyone still question whether or not these homes have indoor plumbing? 

There was once a time when TV’s were tiny and having a color tv was a huge luxury.  Now, everyone (it seems) has a big huge black monolith in their living room and/or family room. 

The upside to having these in the photos is showing other prospective Buyers “This is where the TV goes”.  The down side is have a big black monster in the photo, detracting from other lovely details in the home.

I started remedying this by photoshopping images on the tv screen.  At first I was putting in some of my own “artsy” photos.  Then I realized what a great opportunity there was sitting there – and I started photoshopping photos of the subject property on the tv screen.  Sellers LOVE it and I think it’s actually kind of a fun detail.

Next, there are the family portraits.  In the beginning of my photo career, I would simply blur out the faces.  Why? Well, when it comes right down to it, it doesn’t feel “safe” to me to advertise the beauty of the residents within a home whose address is publicly displayed to the entire world.   Another easy fix – different angles of the home!  HOORAY!  Here’s an example from a home I am currently editing.  Notice the two photos over the tv screen:


Children’s bedrooms that are obviously the bedrooms of very young children worry me the most.  These rooms are often almost irresistable to photograph.  The bright colors, the toys, the fun.  So, I take the photos and create a secret gallery online that isn’t displayed publicly.  The link can be sent to other agents with clients that specifically ask to see bedroom photos or refresh their memory after visiting.  Voila’!  Problem solved and I can sleep at night.

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