a few hundred photos and hours of editing later…

… I still have a lot of editing to do but I knocked out a bunch and completed two assignments.  One house had the most darling little retro Kitchen!

Retro Kitchen - Bainbridge style

Dennis has a new waterfront listing coming up that is on the east side of the island.  Getting the sun exposure on the face of the house in incredibly difficult, but we have ad deadlines coming up for Spring/Summer magazines and the professional we use for Premier listings is gone for a few days.

This was my best effort with this home, so far:

Dennis Paige, Associate Broker

Manzanita area waterfront

I went back today and got some great shots of the view.  With the exception of one small Madrona sapling in the way – it’s a pretty amazing view and a great shot.

View ~ Madrona sapling on the left!

Pano shot with the now completely annoying Madrona sapling

 Tomorrow is Tour Day for most agents on Bainbridge, but I will be at the office sorting through ad deadlines, piles of mail, double-checking timelines for a transaction we have under way, delivering flyers and possibly taking a peek at anything on tour that looks interesting.  Typically I skip tour, though.  Quite frankly, if it isn’t listed by Dennis I don’t have time to consider it or care about it!



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