One step forward…

Today started off as each Thursday does – What’s on Tour?  I went to a couple of Windermere Opens to show my support – and get some free food!  BOOSH!

My 1st stop was at Ron Mariotti’s listing on Day Road.  WOW, what a nice house!  Gorgeous details.  Seriously, my husband would LOVE this house.  Traditional American Farmhouse architecture, American Cherry floors with inlay details in every room.  The craftsmanship of those wood floors was stunning.  The River Rock fireplace with the built-in cove for a big flat screen TV would set any man’s heart on fire, but the kicker here is there are two garages.  Not a 2-car garage… two garages.  There is an attached 2-car garage and a detached 3-car garage. 

The next house I went to is a home listed by Jackie Syvertsen on Viewcrest Avenue.  I have seen this home before – because I photographed it!  The price has been lowered to $398,000 which is such an incredible value!  It’s open this Sunday from 1 – 4.

9282 Viewcrest Avenue - NWMLS #29135623

Back at the office we were marching on with our new transaction!  Yesterday’s revisit with the site inspector from the Title Insurance company was interesting.  Of course it reconfirmed his original findings but it also turned up the fact that a wire fence from another neighbor is encroaching the property line!  ARG!!!!!

It turns out that it should be a very easy fix.  As for the landscaping issue that borders/blocks the view of the septic drainfield mounds, everyone is in agreement that it isn’t a deal killer.  PHEW!

Tomorrow we brace ourselves for the Building Inspection Response.  By this time tomorrow we might be crying for our Mommies.

Here’s an example of how my focus and my day can change in a heart beat:  Dennis got a floor call that I happily took off of his very busy hands.  A woman called interested in a Windermere listing in Poulsbo that is simultaneously for rent and for sale.  After speaking with her, we decided we would view it tonight so she and her family could join her.  It’s an area of Poulsbo that is kind of remote so once I got out there I kind of started thinking… “What am I doing?”  Of course, it seems dangerous, it feels dangerous and ultimately it can be dangerous.  I mean… you are going to a vacant house and meeting up with a group of strangers in the dark.  I am fortunate to live and work in a really safe area but if you act like a victim – you’ll become a victim.  So, I called my husband and told him where I was going.  Safety measures are always good!

Of course they turned out to be very nice people and I referred them to the agent who has the listing to help them get buttoned up in there good and tight.  🙂

Tomorrow is Friday!  HOORAY!!!

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