Hedges and Rockery and Boundary Lines – OH MY!

After 2 1/2 years on the market, we finally have one of Dennis’ most incredible Premier listings under contract!  HOORAY!

Today we are meeting with the site inspector from the Title Insurance company, because there is confusion about some landscaping in the neighborhood.  The landscaping between different parcels is designed in a soft tone, so as not to have harsh fences, lines, etc. distracting from the beauty and the flow of this fabulous waterfront community.  Also, there is a long hedge to block the view of a shared drainfield.  Sounds like a lovely idea, doesn’t it?  I know – I thought so, too.

However, this has become an important conversation.  The Title Insurance company considers this a boundary line encroachment and wants to list the landscaping as an exception to title.

So, today we will gather together at High Noon to discuss the finer points of “soft landscaping” and the inevitable boundary line issues.  I hope we don’t drown in this rain, but I can promise you it won’t be as nice out as the day I took this photo from the back yard of this property:

Port Madison ~ Bainbridge Island WA



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