Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAAAAAY!!!!

Sundays are Public Open House days.  Yesterday we held 313 Bromley open and 177B Wallace Way open.

I was at neither of these 2 listings, because I had made a previous engagement to hold open a listing for another agent, Jan Johnson. 

10798 Manitou Park Blvd ~ NWMLS #29153591

10798 Manitou Park Blvd ~ NWMLS #29153591

This home has truly commanding views of Puget Sound and the Seattle Skyline.  It was built in 1974 but has upgrades that make it feel more contemporary. Honestly, it just feels like a true beach house.  The deck is fantastic and you can access the deck from the Dining room and the Master Bedroom.

So on my way to this open house, I’m doing the usual thing of setting up signs on my way to the house.  I took the wrong route to the house and ended up wasting 3 or 4 precious minutes getting there.  So, I was in such a hurry that when I was at the corner of Valley and Sunrise, across the street from Rolling Bay Hay & Feed, I didn’t notice a HUGE ROTTING DOG TURD and I stepped right in it, putting up the sign.  In fact I didn’t notice until I got back into my (new) car and thought “OMG… what is that smell?”  *sigh*  Lovely.

Once I got back to the house and opened it up, got the lights on, etc., I went to work on cleaning my shoes and my car.  Thank goodness I keep moist facial wipes in the car.  I was able to use them to clean the gas & brake pedals, the rubber car mats (HOORAY not carpeted!) and the bottom of my shoe.  I would have washed the mat with an outside hose but they had the exterior faucet wintered.

Following this little piece of fun, I sat down and found free wi-fi.  HOORAY!  Then I got to work cleaning up listings on  In the past, I have always had to manually post all of Dennis’ listings on Zillow.  Recently Windermere and Zillow made a deal with each other and now Dennis’ listings are automatically swept to the profile that was set up by Windermere.  It literally took me 2 1/2 hours to beef up the basic profile and transfer all his listings to that profile.  When they transfer the listings from one agent to the other – they do NOT allow you to transfer the photos, which I think is awesome.  If it’s really your listing – then you should be getting your own photos!  Anyway, I had upload a bazillion photos for all 8 of his listings and that takes time, people.  What a fabulous gift it was, to be able to do that while I was at an open house! 

Traffic was pathetic at the open house.  It wasn’t raining for a change, although it wasn’t exactly sunny or gloomy.  Strange day, really.  I think people decided it was good enough though, to stay home.  ALso, January is just not a big month for real estate.  I had two neighbors pop in at the very last-minute – presumably once they just couldn’t take another minute of curiosity.  One very nice woman gave me the scoop on a vacant house next door, as well.  Bainbridge Drama!  I love it!

After the open house, Jan and I decided to go to dinner together at Burrata Bistro in Poulsbo.  Jan is such a generous woman.  I really appreciate her kindness and her willingm=ness to support other women coming into the real estate business.  She is always willing to answers questions and give advice when asked. 

The food was awesome but I will have garlic breath for a few days!

Today I’m on a photo assignment and I still need to add some finishing touches to the Home Book for Bromley and create one for Wallace Way.  ay ay ay… I’d better get going!



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