Tour Day!

Dennis and I had great turnout at both listings today!  He was at 177B Wallace Way, While I was at 313 Bromley Place. 

The tide was high and the sun came out so Bromley showed really well and people were able to really look around the exterior of the house, which is important.  There is a public trail that follows the East boundary line of the property and then bends in front along the waterfront and South boundary line, and eventually connects to Winslow Way.

313 Bromley - Rear Exterior and Public Trail

The windows in the home are LowE windows, which means they protect the interiors from being bleached by too much exposure to the sun.  They also happen to make it difficult to see inside of the home from the trail, because of the LowE windows, so as well as their protective quality, they also add a measure of privacy.

The lot this home is on is also larger than other homes in the plat, and with the sun out, I was able to walk out and show people the additional acreage, where someone might/could build an ADU.

313 Bromley - North lawn/space for ADU


Meanwhile over on Wallace Way, Dennis has so many people arriving to see this fabulous condominium that lives like a cottage, he was there a full hour after he was supposed to be closed!  Kind of shocking, when you consider that it’s right in town and easy for everyone to stop by.  By noon, he should have been able to leave right away, but the crowds just kept coming!

177B Wallace Way - Summer House Condominiums

It really is a very nice home, because it does have a small yard and it’s on the end so it has a lot of privacy, as well.

The Seller has really done some fabulous things with the interior, including a spectacular Kitchen remodel that completely maximizes every inch of space.

177B Wallace Way - Sunny, Efficient and Fabulous

The use of color in this home is dazzling and check out those beamed ceilings!  *a*w*e*s*o*m*e*!

177B Wallace Way - Living room with serious style!

By the way, both of these homes will be open this Sunday from 1:00 to 4:00, as well.  Stop by, say hello and send your clients!



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